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Soccer Report

4.6 ( 4496 ratings )
Utilidades Deportes
Desarrollador Matthew Danaher
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Are YOU making the right tactical decisions in the heat of the match?!
A game of soccer can be viewed many ways, but it is mostly viewed as either a game of qualities or a game of quantities. This app focuses on the quantities, and uses data to determine several game states – namely “Attacking Possession”, “Shots”, “Shots on Target”, “Saves” and “Goals” - and makes recommendations based on the data available in order to suggest tactical variations to influence these game states.
The logic behind the idea is that the game is about goals, and goals are about shots. The average rate of shots-to-goals is 10-to-1, and the average rate of shots-on-target to goals is 3-to-1. Using these numbers, the algorithm assesses the game state, the proportion of attacking actions to defending actions, and the box score, to help coaches to make tactical changes that will go in their favor. While these suggestions wont always work, they do take the emotion out of the process and allow the coach to make the most objective tactical decision available.